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Okayokayokay. Seriously considering applying for a World Race route starting in September - a missions trip to 11 countries in 11 months. AAAAAAAHHH.

Also, thinking about starting an Etsy shop for cards/decorated journals/calligraphy pieces/photo prints/something to help fundraise and also I CAN MAKE MONEY DOING THIS?? Wow.

hi i think i got poison ivy on my arms and it’s gross and really itchy and i wanted to tell someone but not show anyone because it looks really gross so here hi tumblr

"God’s presence is not the same as the feeling of God’s presence and He may be doing most for us when we think He is doing least."

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i’m sorry if i disappointed you


The only solid thing I want to do this summer.


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Boston College’s Against the Current sings Demons/Don’t You Worry Child



Joyful Noise just went to Break it Down Boston 2014 and saw this group close the Saturday night concert and they were SO good. their soloists…….. done i’m done


PHOTOGRAPHY: Nick Meek Photographs Costa Rica Covered in 8 Mil. Flowers Petals for Sony

Imagine a landscape swirling with millions of flower petals. This might sound like something out of a fairy tale, but it really happened.

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sometimes the rain makes me sad.

but sometimes there’s nothing more soothing than a walk in the cool rain

without worrying about getting wet. purposefully stepping in puddles and
watching the water
squelch up

through the top of your old vans that should probably be replaced. squatting down so you can
watch the raindrops splish and jump
when they hit the surface of the puddle, sending rings of surprise out from the point of impact.

looking up to the sky and being thankful that you’re wearing glasses so you can keep your eyes open, even though

you flinch anyways. finally
giving up on the umbrella because it makes it really hard to focus your old ae-1, taking off your hood because soggy fabric on top of your head feels gross, pulling your hair in front of your face because you can see the raindrops sliding
down down down and
and growing until it reaches the point where
gravity is stronger than hydrogen bonding and the drop

— ploop —

bubbles away. licking your lips because they’re chapped
(and you know licking them doesn’t help) and remembering the way the rain
in pittsburgh tastes and how refreshing it is —

i chose to forget about pollutants.

leaving the park where your solitude is found, climbing back up the hill, not looking forward to interacting with people again but running into friends and realizing it’s not so bad, walking up craig street soaking wet with your umbrella folded up by your side and

avoiding eye contact with every single person. rejoining normal society is hard.


Welcome To The Black Parade // Can’t Hold Us

This one is important to me because I want people to be able to appreciate different genres wholeheartedly. If you only listen to one style of music and refuse to listen to anything else, you’re missing out on so much fantastic and creative stuff that you would never even knew you liked.

tl;dr dont hate celebrate


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wait this is really interesting!

not sure how I feel about the chorus but the rap over the guitar is really cool

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"The mind of man plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps."

- Proverbs 16:9


Listen/purchase: Ordinary by Copeland


 Jared Atkins